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Fisch- & Edelkrebszucht Robert Jungwirth

Fisch- & Edelkrebszucht Robert Jungwirth


Freshly caught fish from the Seewinkel all year round

We are an agricultural company in Seewinkel in northern Burgenland and have specialized in fish processing. With us you get high-quality fish from the national park all year round.

Our pond complex consists of eight ponds with around four hectares of water. Due to the special location in the middle of the national park, our ponds are free from the influence of agricultural pesticides and fertilizers. Our pond dams are maintained by our herd of organic Zackel sheep.

Our pond system currently consists of three waxing ponds of one hectare each, a breeding pond of 3,600 m², two winter ponds of 1,200 m² each and a holding pond of 400 m². Crayfish breeding is currently under construction.

A 3,600 m² pond will be adapted for breeding crayfish and divided into five smaller pools with the help of wooden walls.

Here you will find healthy and sustainably produced food at healthy and fair prices. Straight from the grower to your kitchen!