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Fine Wines and Open Doors

In you come! Our vintners and their cellars bid you a hearty welcome. Lake Neusiedl and its surroundings are a world-famous wine region producing wines of outstanding quality. Every year, the Open Cellar Days in spring present the earliest opportunity to experience the wine-making craft first-hand, glass, barrel and all. The wine enthusiasts among our guests have a wide range of events earmarked in their calendars: wine-centric summertime festivities hosted on individual farmyards, parties thrown by a group of neighbourhood winemakers, sometimes right among the vines, and the traditional “Martiniloben” in November, where the new vintage is toasted. On top of these events, many village wine shops and vintners run tastings, and some vineyards even have their own guest rooms. If we have succeeded in whetting your appetite for some lovely wines, why not join our exclusive wine trip including your personal wine guide, accommodation, shuttle service, and tastings as desired? 

Your personalised wine vacation

Wine is second nature to Lake Neusiedl, just as the sun and the water. Our wine-makers, wineries and many other organisers run special tastings, folklore events, open-cellar days in spring, bucolic farm festivals in summer, and the famed Martiniloben festival in autumn in honour of Burgenland’s patron-saint.