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Highlights from Sport to Culture

Take out your calendars and a highlighter, because the Pannonian rhythm is irresistible. The many annually recurring events set a joyful pace from season to season, starting with the “Burgenland Extrem” long-distance hike all around the lake in January. Next up are the spring season’s first wine-related festivities such as “Weinfrühling”, a number of surfing events and Nova Rock festival, followed by summery farmyard parties, Mörbisch Festival’s lakeshore operetta performances, St. Margarethen quarry’s opera productions and Podersdorf Austria Triathlon. At “Martiniloben”, autumn’s new vintage is toasted and, of course, tasted. On crisp winter days, various Christmas markets attract a merry crowd. Countless smaller and larger events complete the cycle of the seasons: concerts, comedy performances, readings, exhibitions, excursions, festivals and markets. It’s a vastly diverse range of events, with highlights for every age group, and it ensures that the region is always worth a visit, year-round.

Always something going on

One can easily lose one’s bearings with such a packed calendar of events. We have listed all small and big events by date, venue and category, to keep you up to date about what is going on when and where. Have fun and enjoy!