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Music Is in the Air

Prick up your ears: All around Lake Neusiedl, people are making music with great gusto. World famous operettas are staged in Mörbisch, open-air at the very edge of the lake. Arias echo around St. Margarethen quarry, the spectacular setting of annual opera productions. On Pannonia Fields in Nickelsdorf, rock music rules the roost. These cultural mega-events are accompanied by lots of smaller top-quality concerts, theatre performances, festivals, Passion plays, comedy acts and exhibitions at impressive venues, such as Esterhazy Palace, Halbturn Palace or Kittsee Palace. To round things off, museums and local heritage festivals offer insights into the history of the province and its people. We recommend attending, having a look and a listen – you will undoubtedly always remember the experience fondly.

Your personalised experience of culture

Culture is all about diversity and variation, proven yet again by the colourful string of events around Lake Neusiedl. Here you will find everything worth knowing about festivals, concerts, exhibitions, folklore events and castles in the region.