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Culinary Delights

Culinary Delights

Pannonia on a Plate

Have a seat! Lake Neusiedl region is known for tasty food served up proudly and abundantly. People get together at wine taverns known as Heuriger, snug village inns, traditional or fine-dining restaurants and culinary hotspots on the lakeshore. Dishes often have local, Pannonian origins and are prepared with expert skill and lots of creativity. Most ingredients are grown in our very region, for instance the National Park steppe cattle, Mangalitsa pork (which has been called “the Kobe beef of pork”) or fish caught fresh from the lake itself. Each season comes with its own specialties, such as tender Seewinkel asparagus harvested in spring or exquisite game hunted locally in autumn. No matter which venue and which dish you choose, may you and your food be accompanied well: by family and dear friends, as well as a glass of wine from one of the vineyards nearby!


Foodies, connoisseurs and all who simply love good food will find plenty of opportunity to savour local delicacies. Why not visit one of the many restaurants and inns, shop for regional produce in small delicatessen shops and savour culinary delights.