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Oggau on Lake Neusiedl

Oggau is the oldest red wine municipality in Austria. Throughout the world “Oggauer Blaufränkischer” is considered the insider’s tip. The warm climate and the fertile soils ensure first-class grapes, and the Oggau wine-growers know how to transform them into delicious wine.

The “Oggauer Weinlaubenkuppel“, a dome-shaped arbour which is erected on the wine hiking trail, invites one to take a break. Soothed by the breath of wind from the nearby lake, one can enjoy the magnificent view, relax and find peace of mind. When wandering in the local area, the Hölzelstein which is visible in the distance, and the various chapels, wayside shrines and wayside crosses which are without exception in the wine-growing area all invite one to linger.

Lovingly run family guest houses, rooms in private houses, restaurants and taverns care for the well-being of guests.

Oggau Ortsansicht


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