Luftaufnahme Seebad

Schifffahrt Gangl

If the way of your bicycle tour is too far, combine muscle power with water power. With the bicycle ferries around Lake Neusiedl you can take a short break, let the wind blow around your ears during a crossing and enjoy the breathtaking nature from the water. From Illmitz to Mörbisch the bicycle ferry takes you in 20 minutes from the east to the west shore of the lake, and of course also back, from where you can continue your bicycle tour.

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Excursions - Grill parties on board

Festival tickets and boat trips to the "Seefestspiele Mörbisch"

Pedal, rowing, sailing and electric boat rentals

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Bicycle ferry - see ferry schedule

Departure points: Illmitz in the Seebadgelände left of the Seerestaurant // Mörbisch left of the Seebühne, at the lighthouse

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Luftaufnahme Seebad


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