Nekowitsch Weine

Our 4 ha winery is located in Illmitz, in the heart of the national park "Neusiedler See - Seewinkel" in Burgenland. Illmitz, 117m above sea level, is the lowest winegrowing town in Austria. Short pruning, thinning, targeted foliage work, integrated plant protection and an optimal harvest date are the beginning of our quality production. In combination with the humidity of the air through Lake Neusiedl, the light and sandy soils - this provides the best conditions for the production of quality, sweet wine (Prädikatswein) and the speciality of our house "Schilfwein". Only healthy, fully ripe grapes are stored on reed straw in autumn. The grapes are dried for a long time, which naturally removes any liquid from them. The raisin-like grapes are pressed only after a storage of at least 3 months in the most careful way. Since 1990 the enterprise is led by Gerhard Nekowitsch besides commercial. Our wines are regularly priced with national and international awards. We export to Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, France and to Switzerland.



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