Park Schloss Halbturn

The Palace Park is open all year for visitors until further notice and offers recreation for all seasons.

Going on a walk today through the Halbturn Palace Park we see a mature landscape garden which was laid out around a hundred years ago. Because the park has been maintained with little interruption its beauty remains unaltered. The Palace Park is the only park in north-eastern Burgenland.

The first mention of the creation of gardens in Halbturn is from the reign of Emperor Charles VI in 1737. The gardens changed little before the 19th century. It was Archduke Albrecht (1817-1895) who first recognised the value of commercial use of the park.

An old photograph of the area in front of the palace shows a vineyard as well as a greenhouse. The park was landscaped in the English style by Archduke Friedrich (1856-1936) in about 1900, and large parts of it remain unchanged today. Anton Umlauft, garden director at Schönbrunn Palace at the time, was primarily involved in the design.





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