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Gourmets are envious of the Sunshine Country’s culinary specialities, the flavours specific to the different regions and the many food- and drink-related festivals. They are happy to dine in any of Burgenland’s 20 award-winning restaurants. These are known for combining traditional, fresh produce with new, creative culinary ideas and serving them in an elegant, yet authentically regional setting.

You may be served delicacies such as lake Neusiedl fish, or the rare razor-backed hog, pumpkins, peppers and tomatoes.
Discerning Pannonian Schmankerlwirte, or gastro pub landlords, offer facilities and dishes that are more authentic and traditional, but of an equally high standard.


They also serve what grows on the doorstep - from polenta with beans (Bohnensterz), via wine soup, young venison (Maibock) and cabbage with noodles (Krautfleckerl), to pancakes filled with all kinds of local fruits and nuts. These are all prepared according to delicious, traditional recipes, which conceal many an amazing secret.

The delights produced by a group of leading establishments, from wine makers to restaurateurs, who have come together under the name “südburgenländische Paradiesbetriebe” (south Burgenland Paradise establishments), are no less refined. Another attraction which features typical, regional produce is the Earth Market in Parndorf, one of just 20 in the world, which is committed to sustainable consumption.

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