The Genussakademie Burgenland has very recently been established in the middle of Donnerskirchen, the pretty little hamlet in the Leitha Hills. The historic building was once an Esterhazy estate farmhouse and correspondingly picturesque. Today in this venerable house there are seminar rooms with the most modern technical equipment, a wine chapel which invites one to enjoy a tasting, seminar kitchens and even a bakery for teaching purposes. The estate’s former press room now serves as a seminar room and also events hall. 
The heart of the Academy is a beautiful inner courtyard, in which festivals are willingly celebrated and markets held. As the point of contact for Gourmet matters, the Academy has an educational function in which the processes of quality product development must be exemplified in the most diverse areas. Further education courses in haute cuisine, cooking courses with key topics, themed cooking events, sensor technology courses and also teaching that comes alive for children with partners from the region are in the programme. In addition it promotes awareness, so as to recognise the value of a regional product.



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