There are these perfect winter days on Lake Neusiedl – brilliant blue sky, temperatures around minus 5 degrees, sunshine and a frozen Lake Neusiedl. After just a few days with frosty minus temperatures Lake Neusiedl changes into the largest ice rink in mid-Europe. Ice surfers dance at high speeds in the light wind, skaters keenly make their turns and children play ice hockey in the soft light. But tobogganers and cyclists with spikes also venture onto the ice. However, the lake also brings dangers with it – but if one heeds the warning signs and the information from the local tourist office, nothing should stand in the way of a nice day on the ice. 
Winter on Lake Neusiedl also has something to offer on land: Well wrapped up and with stout boots, nothing stands in the way of a Nordic walking tour. Anyone wanting something more undemanding can take a walk on one of the many hiking trails – you will certainly be spoilt with fabulous impressions and a fantastic view. It mostly does not snow much on Lake Neusiedl, but if things should actually get that far, our trails are perfect for cross-country skiing.


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