Lake Neusiedl is THE surfing area in Austria – every surfer knows it and every surfer loves it. At about 1.50 metres deep and with perfect wind conditions, Lake Neusiedl is ideal for water sports enthusiasts of every kind. There is of course no guarantee of wind, but everything is possible here, from a light wind to stormy conditions. The most important wind comes from the north west – a fresh to storm force wind, resulting from fronts passing through. Rarer, but not to be despised, is the south wind. It is a more moderate to stronger fair weather wind, which whips up waves of up to a metre. Numerous sailing and kiting schools invite you to get to know the sport and the lake better– it makes no difference whether you would like to kite through the air or set a sail.

Also Stand Up Paddling (SUP) – a sort of trend sport from Hawaii – is as if made for Lake Neusiedl. Whilst you investigate the wonderful flora and fauna round Lake Neusiedl, 

Stand up paddling functions as the ideal fitness training and also gets the body into top form. SUP offers adventure, fun and action in one. Moreover, the sport is easy and can be learnt in the shortest time – above all with the help of professionals. 

Pure experience too can be enjoyed by canoe and kayak. The River Leitha is perfectly suited to a canoe tour – the shallow water with its slow-moving current is also a unique nature experience for inexpert canoeists and beginners without any previous experience. Gently flowing water, a varied bankside landscape and a peacefulness only broken by the twittering of birds. Likewise you can experience Lake Neusiedl from an entirely new perspective – kayaking on the lake and canoeing make this possible. Enjoy the proximity to water – you will be inspired!

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