With admission to the UNESCO-World Heritage List in December 2001 the landscape of Lake Neusiedl (Hungarian: Fertőtó) with its settlements, cultural heritage sites and assets from the natural world has been designated a cultural landscape “of exceptional and universal value”. The nomination as World Heritage has been taken up jointly by Hungary and Burgenland, so that the World Heritage Fertő-Lake Neusiedl represents one of the few trans-frontier World Heritage Sites. The relationship between the two neighbours was thus strengthened once again.


The lake, the landscape, the settlements – an entity

Lake Neusiedl and the surrounding landscape are a natural geographical entity. This unique landscape between the Alps and the Hungarian Plain developed over thousands of years in the interplay between nature and cultivation. In the lake landscape, nature and landscape form a unified entity in which clearly delimited, compact settlements nestle. Because the flat terrain was in the past open to every hostile assault, the houses had to be built close together: in tight rows, with the sometimes staggered lines of dwellings and farm buildings in streets or built round a village green.

A diversity, seldom found elsewhere ...

The Fertő-Lake Neusiedl Region is characterised geologically and geomorphologically by a unique diversity. Lake Neusiedl is the most westerly steppe lake of Eurasia. The Lake Neusiedl Region shows great diversity in every respect, characterised by reeds, water and the vineyards in the hills. The Fertő-Lake Neusiedl cultivated landscape forms a green heart in the Vienna – Bratislava – Győr European city triangle. The regional actors are aware of the need to work out a sustained regional strategy in which agricultural, social and ecological objectives are taken equally into account.


We are a World Heritage Site!

On the Austrian side Apetlon, Bridingbrunn am Neusiedler See, Donnerskirchen, Frauenkirchen, Gols, Illmitz, Jois, Mörbisch am See, Neusiedl am See, Oggau am N. See, Oslip, Pamhagen, Podersdorf am See, Purbach am N. See, Rust, Schützen am Gebirge, St. Andrä am Zicksee, St. Margarethen, Weiden am See and Winden am See belong to the World Heritage Lake Neusiedl Region. As a World Heritage Site, the Fertő-Lake Neusiedl cultivated landscape has worldwide significance. First and foremost, however, the sustained development of the habitat is a key initiative for the population living here and for our guests. Creating greater awareness of the World Heritage Site is a central task for the World Heritage Association.



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