In the most northerly part of Burgenland, at the corner of Western Europe where Austria, Hungary and Slovakia meet, lies the attractive tourist area of the ”Leithaauen”, named after the peaceful River Leitha. The Sculpture Park in Deutsch-Jahrndorf, the Jazz Festival and Nova Rock in Nickelsdorf, the Kittsee apricots gourmet region, the Croatian Pama which is steeped in history, the Edelstal agricultural and wine-producing area, the Liszt municipality of Gattendorf and the Zurndorf riding village await their guests with living traditions.
It goes without saying that the proverbial Burgenland hospitality is writ equally large in the north. A surprisingly varied cultural and leisure programme also particularly attracts visitors on day trips from nearby Vienna. The picturesque resorts and the romantic river landscape of the Leitha with its extraordinary animal and plant world invite one to explore by bicycle, horse, canoe or on foot.


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