Pannonian Researches at Lake Neusiedl
A unique Natural Landscape for Humans and Animals

It certainly seems “endless”, Lake Neusiedl. Its surface of about 320 km² enchants both watersports enthusiasts and nature lovers. Idyllic wine-growing estates and vineyards border its shores, as does a unique natural landscape in the reeds, with all sorts of life from the plant and animal world. And a uniquely mild climate for Austria as well! The UNESCO World Heritage Lake Neusiedl Region can also impress with its 2,000 hours of sunshine per year. It goes without saying that nature lovers really are in the right place here.

The core of this region is undoubtedly Lake Neusiedl. As the most westerly steppe lake it is a rarity amongst European bodies of water, as well as the largest swimming pool in the Province. Numerous animals and plants have their natural habitat in the trans-frontier Lake Neusiedl-Seewinkel National Park. 

Even if this is perhaps only temporary. Because the National Park is a paradise of European importance for many interesting migratory birds. There are optimum living conditions and natural habitats as well for plants and animals in the Lake Neusiedl-Leitha Hills Nature Reserve – on the western shore – in the downland of the Ruster Hügelland and the nearby Leithaauen.

Two top European events on the theme of Nature start right at the beginning of spring, namely at the middle to end of April: the “Pannonian Bird Experience“ and the Pannonian Nature Experience Days. Experts like ornithologists find it an interesting environment as well, as does every guest who is interested in Nature.


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