Lake Neusiedl-Seewinkel National Park

The National Park provides its own programmes for children and young people interested in nature. By play the participants investigate the animal and plant world and in so doing have exciting adventures in Austria’s only Steppe National Park.



The National Park provides a holiday programme for all those who enjoy spending a lot of time in the holidays with friends in the open air, Between July and August (weekdays only) there is the possibility of taking part in it. Fixed points in it are a canoe trip through the maze of the reed belt, a fun boat trip on Lake Neusiedl and a horse-drawn carriage drive through the steppe landscape of the National Park.



From July to August the ""Children only"" excursion takes place every Wednesday from 9.00 to 12.00 hrs. Arousing curiosity by play and discovering something fascinating in the Steppe National Park is the watchword for this event.




For children and young people between the ages of 6 and 12 there is the possibility of celebrating their birthday in the National Park with a big party. Depending on the degree of interest, the emphasis can be put in various theme areas.

Possible theme areas:

  • Living and experiencing water: Accompanied by an experienced excursion leader from the National Park, Lake Neusiedl’s underwater world is investigated. Wearing chest waders and using landing nets, the animals are fished out of the lake and can subsequently be examined more closely under the microscope. Who knows, there might even be a water scorpion there...
  • Saline paradise: The salt in the soda pools is to the fore in this theme area. Exciting experiments and hilarious games round off the programme.
  • All the little birds...: Equipped with spotting scope and field glasses, the group goes in search of the feathered inhabitants of the National Park.
  • A sea of reeds: Lake Neusiedl’s reed belt offers a habitat for a range of living things. This range the young researchers should discover and investigate for themselves. But reed is also an outstanding handicraft material, so in the course of the programme one or other of the reed boats can be put in the water.
  • The Puszta: The meadows and pasture of the National Park are at the centre of this theme area. The focus is also on the small occupants of this habitat, the insects and spiders. The animals are caught with insect nets and examined under the magnifying glass, with exciting stories about the arthropods adding to the wonderment.


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