The magnificent Schloss Esterházy, the emblem of Burgenland, is one of the most beautiful baroque castles in Austria and gives an interesting insight into the glittering life at the princely court.



An exciting afternoon for young and old! With the whole family, step back in time to the era of the Esterházy Princes, and experience events of interest on the various tours round the castle.

“Princes and servants“
This tour gives insights into the everyday life of the Castle in the 18th and 19th centuries. What did the Princes do all day, what did they do about personal hygiene and table manners – and what tasks kept the servants busy?

“Real faking“
Go on a journey of close inspection, and sharpen your eye for detail. As an “art detective” you and your children can discover many a treasure in the exhibition.

“The Princes‘ children’s garden” tempts you to make a journey of discovery through the Castle Park, in which the Princes’ children once played. You can try out for yourselves their games of yesteryear.

“Haydn looks for an opera star“
Joseph Haydn is the musical “super star“ of the Castle. In his steps, people interested in music experience what it is like to conduct one’s own family or finally really to play the first violin.



At the start of the season the Castle is strikingly different. It wakens from its winter sleep, as do the spirits and ancestors from times gone by. They have much to tell about the life in the Castle because they know the stories which have been acted out here. Figures from the times of the Princes come to life and report many exciting things. Curiosity and courage are certainly required to go on this tour, for there is many a surprise hidden in the rooms of the Castle.



When it becomes cooler in the evening, the sun goes down and the visitors leave the Castle, the doors are opened again for the brave-hearted. The Castle in the evening has a particular attraction, a bit creepy for some. It is certainly exciting, for from the cellar to the tower families can investigate rooms which are otherwise not accessible to visitors.



Tasting, smelling, feeling… Autumn offers a variety of impressions which can be enjoyed on this afternoon walk. Who wants to go on an exciting journey of discovery through the park of the Schloss Esterházy as it is in autumn? On this walk together, those interested find out more about the jobs that have to be done at this time of year. Materials are collected in the park for decorating the autumn table and at the end of the walk the bread we have baked ourselves tastes good.


“Courtly games“
(throughout the year, May – September, in fine weather also possible in the Castle Park.) At a birthday party playing games is important for our youngest. The Princes‘ children also passed the time with playing. But they had other toys from what we have today. We look at these together and make one or two for ourselves. On a tour through the Castle we perhaps spot places in which the Princes’ children once hid. At the end we fortify ourselves with a birthday snack.

“Princely birthday ball“
All the birthday children who love music and dance are at the right place here. In this programme everything revolves around “having parties” at the time of the Princes. Centre stage is of course the court bandmaster Joseph Haydn, who looked after the music on special occasions. The birthday child and guests can try making music with real string instruments and experimenting with sound-emitting bodies. When dancing in princely dress the children experience really close to how festivities were conducted in the Castle in former times.

“Was that really a Castle ghost?”
This birthday programme is not for wimps! Here the birthday child and guests can discover the hidden and secret rooms in the Castle which remain hidden for other visitors. Together, amongst other things we have a look at the dungeon, wander through the cold, dark cellar and even meet a real skeleton! Anyone who has had enough of the creeps can put impressions down on paper and make a real Castle ghost.

“Servants duel“
What would you rather have been? Prince/princess or servant? Here the young visitors discover what tasks they would respectively have had to perform. The birthday guests must put their abilities to the test and confront each other in a court duel. But have no fear, they won’t fight with weapons. It’s a question of completing tasks: Who can lift the heavy iron? Will you succeed in sealing a letter? At the end we fortify ourselves with a birthday snack.

“Treasure hunt“
There is lots of treasure to be found in the Castle. On this tour the birthday child can try being an amateur detective and, together with guests, help to track it down. Using a treasure map there are clues to be solved which require a sharp eye. Some of the treasure in the Castle is certainly valuable, but has not survived the centuries undamaged. Here there is more to find out about it. Anyone who solves the clues can look forward to a delicious birthday cake and homemade lemonade.

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